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The present “you” is a sum of your past choices in life.

The same way, you are building the future “you” by your present choices.
With your everyday habits...

Sounds scary?
Are there a few things you'd like to change?

Changing your habits is hard work.

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Start small. Make it so easy you can’t say no.
To make the quickest progress, it's not huge leaps that you need. You just have to take baby steps - and keep on taking them.
Slow and steady is the best way to overcome our resistance to change.

Track your progress

Monitoring our activity is a key factor in changing our habits. By only starting the app and look at your progress helps maintain your awareness. Now imagine the reinforcement you get from seeing your progress bar move up after clicking +1 !

Have a fresh start every week

We are human. Even when a goal is feasible and desirable, we still don't always follow through.
To leave each week's distress behind, Babysteps lets you have a fresh start each week.
Your past week's failures will become history!

Now you want to work on your own habits, right? :)


Your habits determine your future because of the law of sowing and reaping. In fact, the present “you” is a sum of your past choices in life. The most obvious example is if you are overweight. You are overweight because of the past choices you made to eat more and exercise less.

It is painful for us to admit that the responsibility lies with us. We often want to point to our environment, bad luck, and how we were the victim when it comes to the negative things in our life. The sooner you accept responsibility for your life, the sooner things can begin to change for the better.