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I am Sámuel Fekete, a Computer Science student and a hobby web developer

My projects

I mainly worked on these projects to get practice with a certain technology or framework, but based on user feedback, I can say that I have managed to create applicaions that have real life use.


Bilingual application for rating orienteering events. Users can create or import races, which others can rate from four aspects. Users can also write comments, explaining their rating. The application was created with a Python framework called Flask.

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Online songbook

React application to view, create, edit or project song lyrics for the local baptist church. You can also make playlists. It uses a Django backend a React frontend.

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University projects

These applications were created as homework for courses I took at BUTE Computer Science Engineering, so there’s a detailed documentation for each of them (in Hungarian).


A route choosing game I developed in C. Your goal is to find a shortest possible route between the start and the finish. Your attempt will be scored based on how much longer is it than the shortest possible route. You have 20 seconds to make the choice and also move your character along the route to the finish. The game comes with five premade levels, but you can create your own and the application will find the best possible route every time. The game is based on one of the main skills required for urban orienteering: route choosing. Of course, in real life orienteering it is much harder to execute the route in your head, but this game can help you to be faster at making the decision at your next routechoice.
The game is written in C, so to try it out you’ll have to compile the source code (found on GitHub) with minGW.

Autópálya forgalma

Motorway traffic

A C++ program that modells the traffic on a one-lane motorway. You can choose the length of the motorway and the number of cars on it. The cars will slowly pick up speed if there’s space in front of them, but they’ll break randomly at times, which can create a traffic jam.

Kir-Dev projects

Kir-Dev is group at my university where students volunteer to develop and maintain web applications for the student hostel (dorm). I’m still a newby member, but I have learnt many new technologies here and it’s one of my first experiences of cooperating with other people about a coding project.


The main goal of this application is to provide an easy way for the residents of the dorm to find the nearest empty study room and reserve it. Also, it an be used to find study mates in the student hostel.
My contribution to the porject is relatively small, but I created the email notification system and several other small features, like grouping tickets and groups based on various aspects. The app has a NodeJS and ExpressJS backend, and Pug and TailwindCSS are used on the frontend.

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